Sunday, May 4, 2008

All I Ever Need to Know About Mothering I Learned from our Sheltie

• Wake everybody up with wet, sloppy kisses.
Circle the house periodically to make sure your loved ones are all safe and accounted for.
Freak out if someone escapes without telling you.
• Make sure your bark (an upbeat attention-getter) is always worse than your bite (gentle, playful or non-existent).
Gather the whole family for mealtimes and activities.
• Constantly look back over your shoulder to be sure they’re still following you.
Tolerate LOTS of chaos and silliness.
• Good-naturedly allow everyone in the family to maul you to death
• If somebody wants to be with you, act like you don’t have anything else on your mind or your schedule.
• When somebody’s sick, sit vigilantly by their side.
• (Same goes for when somebody’s sad.)
• Keep one part of the house immaculately clean, and don’t worry too much about the rest.
Run to the door with joy whenever someone comes home.
Alert everyone if there’s an unfamiliar intruder.
• Take advantage of every opportunity to snuggle.
Play with the kids, indoors and out.
Put up with lots of teasing and hyperactivity.
• Hoard treats.
• Be gentle.
• Take naps.
Listen intently (even if you don’t understand a word they’re saying).
• Maintain a ready sense of adventure at all times.
• Give everybody a luxuriant bedtime pedicure. :)

Most important of all:
When people forget about you, ignore you, hurt you, shut you out, and maybe even step on them anyway.

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