Friday, April 27, 2007

Daddy-Daughter Date

In the fall of 2006, my dad and I were offered an opportunity we'd secretly dreamed of...a father/daughter show of our watercolors at a gallery in Park City!

Dad and I have always been close. I'm a huge fan, both of him and his work. So the opportunity to exhibit side by of the best days of my life!
Here we are at The Redstone Gallery in Park City.

The opening was unforgettable: Live music, catering, crowds of people, friends we hadn't seen for years, and for the first time ever, my name on the wall in gold letters!

The gallery featured Dad's work on one side and mine on the other. People loved seeing how different our styles are, yet how similar our shared aesthetic. My favorite moment was when a collector stood there taking in my body of work, and then exclaimed, "I just want to take all this wonderful light home with me."

I chose the medium of watercolor because of its inherent spiritual quality, its reliance on water and light. It was so gratifying after the years I've spent discovering a visual component to spirit and joy, refining a vehicle to express that in my art, to discover that people were actually seeing it!